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Vish and his IPAD2

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I am the proud owner of a new IPAD 2.
Here is a copy of my  comment on a blog post on this subject which I thought of sharing with all of you.
This blogger was raving about this device and I wanted to echo the blogger's views.
Happy to read this.
Makes me feel better.
You see, I just bought an Ipad2 about a month ago, when it was introduced in India.
I was among the early buyers and had to make several unsuccessful visits to the various stores here where it was available.
Stocks would arrive and fly off the shelves within hours.
It took me two weeks of waiting, before I could get one.
I have no regrets.
It's the finest gadget I ever invested my money on.
I spend several hours a day playing, reading, mailing, learning, and entertaining myself with it.
It's a dream device.
To the nitpickers out there let me say:
The lack of a USB port is not an issue with me.
I don't need it. I like to keep this device SEPARATE from my office computer and my home laptop.
The few files I needed to transfer from my laptop were small in size and I simply emailed them to myself, copied and pasted them into the relevant application in the Ipad.
I am not missing Flash at all.
The camera could have been better. Resolution is poor.
You can take a quick and dirty picture. But the quality can't match what you get even with a 3MP camera phone.
It can double up as a makeshift scanner.
I took a picture of a couple cheques, for my record and the result was readable.
The on screen keyboard is admittedly difficult to use.
It's okay for small amounts of keyboard inputs.
You can't do an honest days work creating documents or spreadsheets using this device.
But I never intended to do that on this device.
Instead I use it to ACCESS my files anywhere and everywhere.
Content creation is not convenient on this device.
I would recommend getting this device IN ADDITION to your laptop or desktop, not INSTEAD of it.
I never shut it down. I simply let it sleep so that it boots up in just two seconds when I restart it.
I begin my day checking my emails right on the dining table, as I sip my morning coffee.
I am glad to hear about iCloud but for the time being, I have a Drop box account and can access all my office files on the IPAD2.
I can't modify them but I don't need to.
I even use the IPAD inside my car when I have to wait at parking lots.
I wouldn't compare this to a Pc or a laptop. It is not intended to replace them.
Yes, you must have 3G. Or else its not much fun.
Plain wifi needs tethering and you cant use it anywhere and everywhere.
Check if 3G works at your location before getting the  3G enabled model and paying extra for it.
At Bangalore where I live, the connectivity is good.
I found 16GB good enough for me and my needs.
I have no plans to store movies or too many audio files.
I spent Rs 37,000/- on this.
Higher end models go up to Rs 49,000/- in price here in India and it is more expensive here than in USA.
I mostly use it for mailing, and internet browsing, at all odd places, away from my workdesk.
I have also downloaded some popular apps from the istore, most of them free.
Drawing, doodling, piano playing, handwriting using your index finger and emailing messages in your hand writing, playing card games, chess, angry birds, Sudoku, Carrom, voice recording and playback and other applications work like a charm on this device.
You Tube videos play smoothly without buffering. (I have a 3.8 MBPS 3G internet sim card implanted in it for which I pay Rs 1000 every month.)
I also read the worlds major newspapers, periodicals, and access Wikipedia and Google very conveniently on this device.
I have downloaded a few books but haven't had time to read them.
I may not use this e book facility till sometime later. I have yet to read so many printed books that I bought.
However I may not buy any more books till I experience e book reading on this device.
I don't watch on line TV and don't listen too much to radio stations, though it can be done on the Ipad.

To the technical minded, I downloaded Autocad WS on this and could read autocad dwgs.
I also downloaded an old BASIC interpreter that was popular in the early eighties and could write and run old BASIC programmes with line numbers.
I frequently visit the Apple istore on line and am overawed by the thousands of applications lined up for every age, for every area of interest.
I indulge in a sort of window shopping at the iStore and occasionally try out some free apps and if they don't prove useful, I simply delete them.
MOST impressive of all features is the fact that this device is immune to virus attacks.
It can be carried around in a lady's handbag and the weight is no issue at all.
Multitasking is not possible. It's not an issue for me.
But you still can also listen to MP3 files in the background while you are using other applications.
All in all, a great device and miles ahead of the competition.
To those who are hesitating, I would say Go Get  it.