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Re: Odd anchors

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I would slot the steel strap and grind the threads in order to provide the rod with a smooth surface to fuse to. I was involved with a ship yard dock-side crane where the boom (abt 50' long) failed. The boom hoisting brake had failed where the brake pad around the drum was attached to a threaded rod which in turn was welded to flat bar with a flare groove weld on both sides of the rod. It was a home-made fix of the original connection. I attributed the failure to fatigue of the poor weld to the threaded rod.

On 7/6/2011 9:40 AM, Gordon Goodell wrote:
How would one weld a 1"dia threaded rod to a 1/4" steel strap? Not a butt weld, I need the strap to align axially (more or less) with the rod. Could the rod be laid on the strap and fillet welded?

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