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PE's Responsibility

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Jorge raised a question about a PE's duty to disclose to a regulatory agency if he becomes aware of an unsafe condition on a project. In California at least, an PE does have a duty to disclose, but there is no protection for him if he does so.

So, the equation seems to be: if you disclose, you may get used by the party who did the faulty design and if you don't disclose, probably no one will know that you knew.

Tough choice. Particularly tough if, after disclosure, the regulatory agency chooses to look the other way.

Similar question: what if a PE becomes aware that a builder/developer is building structures without a permit but has a "protector" at the regulatory agency? Taking this to the Feds or the DA now exposes the PE to potential retaliation by both the builder/developer and the regulatory agency.

I sure don't know the answer. / eric

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