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Re: ASCE 07

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A seemingly unchallenged assumption is that resulting products should be improved with adding more code and detail, more reviews and overviews, and more centralized power.

More, in this case, has a good chance of making things worse.

We need some social science intervention. Industrial psychology. Studies and conclusion on how to improve designs and construction. Office managers, code publishing businesses, company owners can not do this.

This reminds me of the 80's Nuclear Industry when there seem to be a direction correlation between added design rules, checks and balances that resulted in an increase in design problems. It was clear the design environment was changing from the goal of getting safety right to how will the changing code and reviews might trip up the design and construction progress.

Again and recently I have watched this in the building code designs.

We are now facing one super code, one standard makes all wrong or right. We are not facing one qualifying exam source. We need to make sure this approach will not make things worse but better. Our industry needs third party counseling, the social scientists.

This one-ness reminds me of the old Russia I visited miles of medium rise buildings in East Berlin being junked having the exact same designs. One mistake, no buffer, everything had the mistake. I am sure there are plenty of examples of this statistical problem.

I hear that the nuclear industry now has standardized the new plant design being all the same. I heard they used the car industry standardization as a proof that standardizing works. I don't like it comparing a million car results to 100 plants. I neither know if it is good or bad but It sure seems like assumptions are being made wrongly.

David Merrick, SE

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