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Fiberglass rebars

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We have a beach front architecture-concrete house and the architect and contractor wants to use fiberglass rebars in addition to the regular steel rebars we have specified.

The reason to use this type of rebars, is because there are some architect features like small concrete lips coming out from concrete shearwalls to hide window framings and small concrete curbs where due to dimensional constraints (minimum cover = 4” for concrete exposed to marine environment) no epoxy steel rebar can be used.  They don’t want to have plain concrete in those areas because of concrete spalling or cracks so they are proposing to use fiberglass rebars for those architect concrete features with minimum cover (not sure what would be the minimum cover for these bars either).


I have no experience with such of rebars and would like to know if there is any concern about it, or any Code (California) requirement for this type of material.

The areas where these rebars will be used are not structural elements hence not receiving any kind of loads.


Any thought?






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