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Re: Subject: Fiberglass rebars

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Linear thermal expansion coefficient is the same for steel and concrete =12, but Glass is 8.5.

GFRC Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is usually for thin shelled wall panels and there is plenty of literature for it. Usually it is a chopped fiber mixed into concrete but also comes in long strans or cloth. This may require that the GFRC be an independent layer over the steel reinfoced concrete to avoid de-lamination, causing unpredictable cracking and movement and failure. Building exterior panels are always separate from the main structure. GFRC is also used for fire place hearths but again it is a separate added shell anchored to the masonry with flexible connections to allow movement.

Differential movement results primarily from extensive GFRC shrinkage and creep, and thermal expansion/contraction of the panels relative to the concrete frame.

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