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RE: Perforated Plywood Shear Walls

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Hi Larry,


The H/W ratio greater than 2:1 and table 2305.3.4 can be found in the NDS page 22 (Table 4.3.4) of Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic Design  of the NDS (One of the small books that came with the 2005 NDS set) as for the perforated shear walls, they are also in the NDS, I don’t know where offhand.




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From: Larry Hauer [mailto:lhauer(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Perforated Plywood Shear Walls


To All,
I was under the belief that the '10 CBC, ('09 IBC), was basically the same as the '07 CBC, ('06 IBC), but I noticed in the WOOD chapter, (Chapter 23), that most of Section 2305 has dissapeared, including the requirements for perforated and force transfer around openings plywood shear walls design guides, (i.e. Section 2305.3.5 to 2305.3.11). Also, there use to be a table- Table 2305.3.4 that allowed for plywood shear walls with an H/W greater that 2:1.
Have these design guide lines gone somewhere else or are these types of plywood shear walls no longer allowed??
Thanks in Advance,
Larry Hauer, S.E.