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RE: Stainless Steel Specifications

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There are many stainless steels depending on what the corrosive element, the corrosion allowance, the allowable rate of corrosion, etc. that go into selecting the appropriate stainless steel type.  Once you know the type, you can then perform the structural design predicated on the material properties. 
I would suggest that you reference:
  • The ASCE 8 "Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members".  
  • Most of my work is for the Government.  I would also suggest  Go through the Division 05 specifications.  There are several specification portions that deal with stainless. 
  • Another good document is "Guideline for the Design of Stainless Steel Structures" developed by Georgia Tech for Stainless Structurals LLC". 
  • AWS D 1.6
I do not understand the question regarding "mill finished".  The major issue with stainless is cutting.  It can NOT be cut with oxyacetelyne.  But plasma's are very commonly available these days.  The bolts are a different issue.  You will probably have to to with an ASTM A 193 and something in the B8 series.  Another concern is the tools used in fabrication.  Rolls, brushes, etc. can leave small particles embedded in the stainless which will corrode.  That corrosion may or may not be a problem. 
Also contact  phone: 877-739-6057

Regards, Harold Sprague

Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 10:25:58 -0400
Subject: Stainless Steel Specifications
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Is there any place that I can find specifications for stainless steel. I am providing mezzanine steel for a pharmacuetical company and it needs to be stainless. Does it need to be mill finished? How about grade of bolts?
Any help would be appreciated.
Domenic DeAngelo P.E.