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RE: question about high rise building

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It gets the matter really complicated if you want to connect the buildings at the top. For one thing, the overall lateral load resisting system is no longer covered by the codes and you are much on your own. The omega factors kick in, R is unknown and and the regularity of the building is obviously compromised. If you have not designed this type of building before, you will not find many with this experience. I have limited experience but I am sure very few buildings of such proportions are to be found in a high seismic area. My advice is to be careful. Very careful.
Best regards
Syed A Masroor
Consulting Structural Engineer
Karachi, Pakistan
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> Subject: question about high rise building
> Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 12:51:59 +0430
> Dear all,
> I am preparing design procedure proposal for a high rise building. It
> consist of two 30 story blocks with plan dimension of 40mx14m for each
> block. Distance between two blocks is 15 meters but in the last three
> stories blocks are connected together to make a single plan of
> 40mx(14+15+14)m. This building is located in a region of high seismic risk
> and dynamic analysis is required based on seismic code. I am looking for
> design guides such as handbooks, codes, ... which include general
> recommendation for such buildings. Also I would be grateful if you have any
> special recommendations for structural design of this building.
> Hossein Mardanlo
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