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RE: About my WTC paper

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Can you just post the paper on the SEAINT Group for everyone to see?

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From: gregory szuladzinski [mailto:ggg(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2011 4:34 AM
To: Sseaint Org
Subject: About my WTC paper






I am sending you a copy as to everyone else, who requested it.

The idea is to give you a stimulating Sunday reading.

(Here, Down Under, it is already Sunday night, while you have your Sunday waiting for you.

Good life there!.)

If you did not receive yours, pls let me know.


I use info contained in FEMA report.

The purpose is to derive collapse time, based on structural reasoning.

This variable (duration) was not prominent in FEMA report, so disagreement is not an issue.


But, between you and me, I think FEMA invastigation was inadequate.


(If you watched the chief speak, you would notice his terminology was not that of an engineering specialist.)


Gregory from Oz





I would like a copy.  I take it that you disagree with the NIST report.  ht=

Regards=2C Harold Sprague