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RE: Old Structural Mesh BF912

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I wonder if the written BF letters are actually BW for Birmingham Wire or British Wire

I would preliminarily assume a square wire mesh of 12" with a 9 guage wire. My experience the strengths will be very close to standard loads if not then try 9 inch square with 12 gage.

Watch out for less steel in gages rated by American Wire or Browne & Sharpe

The Carnegie steel hand book of 1926 showed the following wire gage sizes, in inches, and all wire had a design strength of 20 ksi

9ga= 0.418        12ga= 0.109        Birmingham Wire BWG or Stubs Iron Works
9ga= 0.114423  12ga= 0.080808 American Wire or Browne & Sharpe
9ga= 0.1483 12ga= 0.1055 American Steel & Wire Co formerly Washburn & Moon
9ga= 0.145        12ga= 0.105        Trenton Iron Company
9ga= 0.144        12ga= 0.104        British Imperial Standard Wire SWG
9ga= 0.1398      12ga= 0.0991     Standard Birmingham Sheet and Hoop BG

David Merrick, SE

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