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Fw: Grain elevator demolition Calgary

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Fellow engineers,
        The referenced youtube video shows the demolition of an old 16 storey concrete structure in Calgary  I think most of you will find it very interesting.
        One feature of this demolition is that some of the explosives were also placed at mid height as well as at the base.  It is interesting to compare and contrast this demolition with the World Trade Centre collapse that some people (mistakenly, in my opinion) think might have also been a controlled demolition.
Regards to all,
H. Daryl Richardson,
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Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:56 AM
Subject: Fw: Grain elevator demolition Calgary

Subject: Fw: Grain elevator demolition Calgary


Oct 16, 2011

Subject: FW: Grain elevator demolition Calgary

Subject: Grain elevator demolition Calgary

This video (three cameras) shows of the 98 year old Cargill elevator demolition in the Bonnybrook industrial area (Calgary). The structure was state-of-the-art construction way back when, having been constructed using what was then new technology....the concrete "slip" form method. As you will note, one of the cameras got "blasted" but other than a broken mount it survived.