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Re: CONCRETE: Drafting Precision

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I have always said that concrete guys don't have 1/2" on their tapes. 

"bill(--nospam--at)" <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

>Here's a question I THOUGHT I knew the answer to...but for the life of me I
>can't locate it any longer if it ever existed.
>What defines the standard for concrete drafting precision?
>I know that ACI 117 is about the as-constructed tolerance for concrete elements,
>but what about what is put on the drawings to begin with?
>For instance, is it reasonable to show a spread footing foundation to the 1/16th
>of an inch, as recently came across my desk? I thought I remembered that there
>were specific precision allowances for different elements - for instance, to the
>half-inch, or the the nearest inch, etc.
>Where is that found? Or is it?
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