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Re: Underground Tanks

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I think you need to define the loading conditions and design criteria.
 AWWA has it's own standards that address tank design.

To get an idea if seismic soil design kicks in you can go to the IBC
and ASCE 7 and see if the tank falls under Seismic Design Category D
or higher.  Be careful on how you categorize the tank.  If it is part
of the fire water system or supports an essential facility, it is
categorized as Occ Cat IV.

And do watch buoyancy as it may require a ballast slab if ground water
table or 100 year flood gets too high.  Don't forget compliance to
NSF-61 if drinking water.

Call a manufacturer in California and ask them how they design for
seismic soil loading and what information they need in the
specification to make the bid requirements clear.

Phoenix, AZ

On 3/20/12, Tim Rudolph <TimRudolph(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Good to see the list coming back to life
> I have a project where we are using fiberglass underground tanks for
> drinking water. they are cylinders 10 ft diameter x 38 ft long. They are to
> have 4 ft of dirt cover and are to be HS-20 load rated. Since it is
> underground I am not sure what part of the CA building code covers the
> design for seismic forces. It will be built to a AWWA standard. What can I
> expect the tank mfg to submit for seismic design calculations.
> Thanks
> Tim Rudolph PE
> 949 498-8454

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