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Re: seaint Digest for 9 Apr 2012

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Plate washers are often used to correct "screw ups" in steel connections, particularly for mislocated holes in base plates.  (Actually mislocated anchor bolts in most cases, particularly if teh engineer or general contractor do not check the placement of the anchor bolts by the concrete sub.) 

In this case, the holes are slotted or oversized and the mild steel washers are welded on four sides after the columns are set. 

Never heard of requiring them on short slotted holes, provided that the holes are slotted in the correct direction.  I agree with Mark. / eric

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                       seaint Digest for 9 Apr 2012

Topics covered in this issue include:

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   5: Welding of Plate Washers
             by Charles Canitz <canitzcf(--nospam--at)>