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Re: seaint Digest for 12 May 2012

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The epoxy is generally stronger than the concrete. The problem with patching cracks with epoxy it that if the cause of the cracks is ongoing, the concrete will crack again parallel to the epoxy patch. So, fix the cause of the cracks, then the epoxy can seal everything up "better than new". Putty ain't structural. / eric

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    1: Concrete crack repair
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BlankHaving a modest building experience, let me ask this of our learned =
colleagues,especially Harold.

Epoxy, I understand, is good for sealing, but does not have a big =
strength itself.
Why not, instead, do the following:

1. Drill thru the ends to prevent further growth.
2. widen the mouth using a small dia grinder
3. Fill with any good putty. They often fuse with parent concrete
and offer almost continuous material.

Gregory from Oz

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