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Re: Important Message: SEAINT Continues on LinkedIn SEAOSC group

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In Internet years, this has been a very long and fruitful run.

Thank you to SEAOSC and those people who had the foresight to bring this
forum to life. To appreciate this, if you look back in the archives from
1995, one post of the Computer Applications Committee announces that the
City of LA now has a WWW page! Seventeen years later, many of the early
participants are still active, today.

Over the years we have had access to the experienced insight of many people
willing to share what they had learned when we were tempted to expand our
own horizons. A medium where a small office practitioner had access to big
office insights and where specialty knowledge and contacts were made
available in both directions and across long distances.

We were brought together by our profession but we found many common bonds.
We have watched our colleagues from around the world as they passed through
transitions in life and career and we vicariously celebrated their
achievements. And, we have lost friends, like Dennis and Roger.

The Listserver aggregated a community of common interest but not all
participants were structural engineers. Occasionally we were enlightened by
a view from another side by Christopher who is still quoting John Sedgwick.

There have been lively debates: which college football team is best; which
computer OS rules; ASD vs. LRFD; RPN vs. not RPN; and politics, with the
inevitable spiral down into acrimonious insults. But we always missed Bill
when he wasn't there with some quick jibe.

We learned the names of local craft beers in places that we might visit, if
we could take a holiday. We secretly fear that Harold will show up on the
doorstep one day, mug in hand, expecting payment.

Despite the fact that this forum will now transition to LinkedIn, I don't
think that it will have the same character - it just won't be the SEAINT
ListServ with all its technical glitches and requests to be unsubscribed;
time delayed responses from people receiving Digests; panicked, "Testing,
Testing," when an immediate bounce-back acknowledgement wasn't received;
Tom's indecipherable ASCII messages in the Digest. SEAINT Listserv is like a
small-town square and LinkedIn is more like the plaza in front of the 50
storey tower where people eat their lunch but nobody really stops to chat.

There are new communication forums and an expanding group of people out
there waiting to learn and teach and to add to our lives in significant
ways. Listservers, like the Bulletin Board predecessors, are being left
behind for the 140 character instant bulletin in your pocket.

Thank you, SEAOSC, for allowing an outsider, in, and sharing.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.

> From: "Casey K. Hemmatyar" <seaint(--nospam--at)>

> May 23, 2012
> For Immediate Release:
> SEAINT List Server transfers to LinkedIn SEAOSC group
> Dear SEAINT List Server users;
> SEAOSC (Structural Engineers Association of Southern California) has been
> sponsoring and funding the SEAINT List Server since 1994.
> Due to technological and financial advantages, SEOASC Board of Directors has
> decided to continue the List Server service on LinkedIn platform.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.

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