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[2] Important Message: SEAINT Continues on LinkedIn SEAOSC group

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Dear SEAINT List Server members:

Over the past few days the Board of Directors and President of SEAOSC have
read your valuable comments posted here. We appreciate your comments and
suggestions and we offer the following comments/responses;
- The list server maintenance cost for SEAOSC has been very significant each
year. Although it may seem a simple automated task, it does require a
substantial amount of professional work. This work was carried out by an
outside (SEAOSC) software firm.
- We are currently working on the best way to make sure that the SEAINT
archive is not lost and to disseminate its contents.  Once that is complete,
we will announce via SEAOSC Group on LinkedIn.
- As the manager of the LinkedIn SEAOSC group, I will review the new
membership requests and will try to process them promptly and on a daily
- Posting a comment on LinkedIn is very easy.  Here are the steps;
1- Sign up for a LinkedIn account by visiting If you
already have an account with LinkedIn please go to item 6 below.
2- When filling out the pages on the 2nd step, LinkedIn may ask asks for
your Email and Password. You may want to bypass this step by clicking the on
the "Skip this step" on the bottom left hand side. If you do not bypass,
Linkedin will access your email contacts and will send invitations on your
behalf inviting them to join you on LinkedIn.
3- Next in a few seconds you will receive an email from LinkedIn containing
a link. You'll click on this link to confirm your email address.
4- Next step will ask you to add new contacts. Again you may bypass this
step by clicking the on the "Skip this step" on the bottom right hand side.
5- Steps 4, 5 and 6 will ask you to follow some optional instructions, but
you may bypass by clicking the on the "Skip this step". If you wish you may
also click on "Skip" icon on the pages that follows, in order to bypass
completion of your Profile.
6- At this stage come back to this email and click on this link (shortened url link for ease of use)
7- Now click on "Join Group" icon to request your membership to SEAOSC
"Structural Engineers Association of Southern California".  
8- At this stage, volunteers at SEAOSC will process new membership requests
9- Once you become member, on your LinkedIn home page, click on the "Groups"
tab on the top. Click on the SEAOSC group, and then you can see all of the
conversations taking place.  
10- To start a new discussion, type in your question/issue at the top of the
screen.  To read another discussion, just click on it. To post a comment in
an existing discussion, just type in at the bottom of the discussion. To
Search past and archive discussions click on the "Search" tab on the top.

We are looking forward to the continued discussions on all matters of
structural engineering.
Best Regards
Casey K. Hemmatyar, S.E.
SEAOSC Director
Additionally, I'd like to request you to please see the following comments
from Janah Risha, S.E. our SEAOSC President with respect to the List Server:

As you may know the SEAINT.ORG website and SEAINT list serve are owned and
have been maintained by the Structural Engineers Association of Southern
California (SEAOSC).  The List Server has served the members and the
profession well for more than 10 years now.  However, its usefulness has
been waning with the new communication tools available today such as
LinkedIn.  Subsequently, the SEAOSC Board of Directors has decided to
utilize the LinkedIn platform in order to continue the technical discussions
that currently reside the SEAINT List Server.
By the same token I am pleased to announce that the SEAOSC LinkedIn
discussion group is well established now and is becoming very active.  Its
membership is increasingly growing and presently we are at about 1,000
members. Many of us in the group are California registered Structural
Engineers and are available for thought sharing and technical contributions.
There are many active discussions and beneficial topics being posted on
daily basis. We strongly encourage you to join LinkedIn and join the
Structural Engineers Association of Southern California discussion group
I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have posted and all who
have answered the posts over the years.   I am sure that the exchange of
information has been and will continue to be useful to all concerned and I
look forward to your participation in the LinkedIn discussion group.

Best regards,
Janah Risha, S.E.
SEAOSC President, 2011-2012

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