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Why not Facebook

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David Cohen suggested we consider the following options.

1-LinkedIn (a new group has to be created since both of them there seems to be fake)
2- Google group (we need a voluntary manager to create it and manage the new registered engineers)
3-Nothing new-everyone will take himself to the forum he wants to be.
4- Facebook (why not?- to create a new facebook member we dont need almost nothing )
5-other idea.
Lets vote for one of these options at the end of your day (since here Im at 05/30 - 6:54AM 

I may be a day late but things sometimes keep me out of the office.

My limited interaction with Facebook is that it is perfect place to post nonsense and complaints with no recrimination.  In short I think Facebook works well for nattering little girls.  You don't want to see my vacation photos.

I also agree that Linked is annoying.  Since joining I am constantly being asked to update and add connections.  It takes me away from doing real work.

If I had my choice I would vote for continuing the list server.  I am not one who regularly posts to the forum but I do skim the emails learning about issues.

I do want to thank you for years of interesting reading.

Please take this posting as a statement that I value the information on this forum and want it to continue.

Craig Hawe, P.E. S.E. (Utah) P.Eng
Norwest Corp

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