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RE: Wide Flange Beam Connection At HSS Column

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The moment connection you describe sets beta =
1.0. This means the limit states of Local Yielding
of HSS Sidewalls and Local Crippling of HSS
Sidewalls must be checked. I would advise that the
2010 Specification be used since the limit states
are tabularized and have clarifying figures with

Resolving the moment into its component flange
forces allow the use of Table K1.2 to check this
connection. This method comes from the design
Guides published by CIDECT.

Replied by:
Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA FAEI
Texas PE 42397, Texas Architect 9462
Fort Worth, Texas

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Wide Flange Beam
Connection At HSS Column

I am reviewing a design where a wide flange beam
is being connected to the
sidewall of an HSS column as a rigid moment
connection.  It is similar to
example 4.3 of the Design Guide 24 Hollow
Structural Sections Connections.

The first part of the solution is to check to see
if there is adequate
width to weld the beam flange to the face of the
HSS column.  Of course in
the example there is.

With the problem I am reviewing (of course) the
flange is wider than B-3t.
What is impacted if the beam flange width is wider
than B-3t.  The
available length of weld I would imagine would be
equal to B-3t, but what
about the other design checks?  All other limits
of applicability are

Is the limit state of local yielding effected
where the flange width
becomes an effective width equal to B-3t when the
flange is in either
tension or compression?  Other aspects of AISC

Thanks for the help.


Joseph R. Grill, PE

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