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Re: Test

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Glad to hear from you, Bill. I hope you will come back to the list. Others are also finding it dull without you.



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Subject: Re: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Test

On 8/18/2012 1:47 PM, h.d.richardson wrote:

Perhaps we need to send out private e-mail messages to some we know who may not know that the list is back up and running. Perhaps we need Bill P. back on the list. At least there was activity when bill was around and I for one found him interesting.

Regards to all

H. Daryl Richardson

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Test

This is a test. The list has been awful quite recently...just want to see

Wow, first email I've gotten in forever!

I guess what I wonder is this:

Why is this an "outmoded" way to communicate?

Go to "eng-tips" or whatever it's called, and what do you see? Threaded discussions of engineering (and other) topics.

Wow, what a giant leap forward that was!

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