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Re: Advanced Framing - residences

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In Alaska, we typically use (minimum) 2x6 to provide the wall cavity sufficient depth for a R-19 insulation rating. The studs will vary in spacing depending on their height (out-of-plane) and gravity loading. We will look at aligning studs at the trusses if the top plate plate can't support the truss loading.

Looking at the "Advance framing", it appears to be a solution in search of a problem.

On 9/21/2012 6:08 AM, Alexander (Sasha) Itsekson wrote:
OK, following a suggestion to ignore the j..s bulls...t, let's talk about advanced framing.

My question is this: just because the framers were building stud walls on
16 centers and never cared about lining up joists and studs is that good
enough reason to continue what we have been doing for "30 years", and in
this case much longer than that? What about using rim joists in lieu of

Are these things simply not practicle enough and will require too much
oversight?   So if it doesn't save money on the project now,  because the
contractor is inexperienced in this sort of thing, why not do it anyway to continue the trend, train contractors, save resources, etc. If the owner and architect are for it, they won't have to convince me.

I agree with previous posters,  a reconstruction meeting is a must.
Perhaps an introductory letter to the bidding contractors and a
preselection interviews are in order.   But in general,  I feel it is a
good thing and it will happen with or without some of us who like to

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