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Re: Underground gas-pipe protection

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Sorry I did not get a chance to get back to you yesterday but I was otherwise occupied.

I have some thoughts that may or may not be useful for the solution of your problem.

1. If the location of the future crane support points is known you could build "tables" (supported on piles or otherwise) to support the crane legs.

2. If the future crane support points can not be determined in advance you might consider backfilling the excavation with "flowable fill" or a slightly stronger concrete mix. It could even be reinforced with fibres or other reinforcing if desired.

3. As a Cadillac version of #2 you could even sleeve the pipe for the entire 800 meters. You may need to provide some sleeved portion at the ends to provide flexibility for the transition from underground to concrete encased in any event.

I hope these thoughts are helpful. I'm confident that you will come up with a good practical solution.


H. Daryl Richardson

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Fellow engineers,

I'm designing an underground pipe for Natural Gas (12" - 6" diameter) 800m length.

My client asks me to design a solution to protect the pipe for the case of loading a crane-leg above the pipe.

He thinks that it could be a 500 t-m crane there.

The maximum the crane could apply in one leg is 160 ton and they use a
3.8X2.4m dispersal plate (17.6 t/m²).

The pipe depth is varying between 1.5 to 2.7 m.

The geotech engineer doesn't collaborate so much; it's a sandy-clay soil (I
hope I'll get some more information about the soil bearing capacity and
sedimentation properties.)

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