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Cracked cmu basement wall

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I am looking at a house that was built in 1961 and in the past year or two
has developed a crack in the 8" block basement wall. There were a couple of
tree roots pushing on the wall that have been removed. The crack was caught
during an inspection for the house to be sold.

I have told the owner to get a pachometer and see if there is any rebar in
the wall. If there is, then the wall may not move further after the dirt is
put back against it on the outside. If there isn't any rebar in the wall,
what would you suggest be done? I told him it should have rebar in it if it
was built today even by residential code. The wall is a total of 12" thick
with some kind of concrete on the exterior face of the 8" cmu you can see
in the last picture. So I couldn't see the damage to the cmu on the
exterior face. The brick is resting on this ledge with the 8" block
extending up in the last picture.

The crack at the interior is diagonal at the corner with a horizontal
segment running about 12 ft to the left in the third picture at the top.
The diagonal crack formed due to the wall being intersected with another
cmu wall at the corner giving a support and forcing a stair step crack. The
rest of the crack to the left of the diagonal is a flexural crack at 2.5
blocks down from the top. The top of the wall is not positively connected
to the floor joists, they appear to be sitting on top of the wall along
with the brick. I think the weight of the floor and wall gave enough
restraint at the top to form the crack at 2.5 block down from the of the
wall where the root was pushing on it. The cracks are about 1/8" max. I
don't see a way to justify this if there is no rebar, other than saying it
worked for 50 years until the root grew into it. The wall is now damaged
though and I don't think this statement is valid in the damaged area



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