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RE: Blast Door Design : Edge Rotation

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Kapil -

Have you thought of a center fixed mullion? This way each leaf (inactive 
and active leaf) can be designed as a simply supported (four sides) for 
direct internal loads and as a one way element spanning the leaf width for 
rebound loads.

Mansoor Khan

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I am performing a SDOF Dynamic Analysis per UFC-3-340-02 manual 
(contractual requirement).

The design parameter are as follows:

Double Leaf Blast Door
Width = 16'
Height = 14.5'
Each Leaf can only be supported on two sides (top and side) Peak Reflected 
Pressure = 346 psi Time Duration of reflected pressure = 0.59ms

Using a monolithic steel plate of 1.5" thick, this is the calculated door

Ductility = 0.26
Edge Rotation = 4.8 deg
Maximum Deflection = 8"
frequency = 2.75 Hz

Any suggestions on how meet the design requirements (Max Rotation 2 deg)

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