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RE: Blast Door Design : Edge Rotation

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Kapil -

You have a very difficult problem.  When the door is loaded, it is somewhat 
 like having three supports.  For inward load, it can bear on the head near 
 the center of the opening and on the one jamb near the lower hinge and 
sill.  The hinge near the top will be in tension unless the rebound pins 
are adequate to resist this prying.  To reduce rotations, you have to make 
the door very stiff.  I was referring to more of a grid of stiffeners 
between two plates to increase the stiffness of the door - making the 
overall door as thick as possible (with internal air gap) while still 
meeting operational requirements. How does the door latch?  Can you have it 
 throw heavy bolts into the head and sill at the free edge of the door?  If 
 you can do that, you can design a heavier vertical stiffener along the 
free vertical edge of the door to carry load to the head and sill.

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Here is the link to the file :


@ Mansoor : Unfortunately, center fixed mullion is not allowed. Customer 
wants full width without any obstructions.

@ Larry : I have thought about using a stiffened door, but I am having hard 
 time trying to figure out how to design the vertical stiffener. For the 
composite door, I can design the plate as all 4 sides supported, calculate 
the reaction shear loads and then design horizontal beams as both sides 
simply supported. For the next step, how should I design the vertical beam, 
 which is near the center of width of door. This beam can only be supported 
 on the one end. If the beam is to be designed as a cantilever beam, how do 
 I transfer that high moment that will be generated to the door jamb ?


On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 11:08 AM, Mansoor Khan

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