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RE: Fwd: MS Excel - iteration

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I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, if this is the same as 
 a beam of span "L" with two point loads, P1 and P2 separated by a distance 
 of "a", I would introduce another variable, "b" which would represent the 
distance P1 is from the left support and then writethe equation for the 
bending moment, shear and deflection of the beam in terms of L, a, b, P1 
and P2. I would then create a column in Excel representing x/L in 
increments of 0.01 (dividing the beam into 100points). The next column 
would be x which would be the previous column multiplied by L. I would then 
 insert the expression for bending moment as the next column, shears as the 
 next column and deflections asthe next column. I would then set up 
conditional formatting so that when values of bending moments, shears and 
deflections exceeded the allowable, the values would be red and bold. After 
 this is set up, I would MANUALLY adjust "b" and watch the results. It 
would take me probably 5 minutes to find the acceptable range of "b", if 
any exists.

But, I'm sure you could pour hours into programming to find a more elegant 

My two cents.

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Thanks, David,

Still early days. I looked up Goal Seeker to see what it does but I am 
still thinking how to approach this.

My customer has two 12.5 ton cranes but with different wheel loads and 
wheel bases for each crane.  The problem is to space the 2 cranes far 
enough apart to avoid over-stressing the runway, columns and/or footings, 
which were all originally designed for 1 -10ton crane.


On 2012/12/31 11:46 AM, David Topete wrote:

> I assume you are using the 'goalseek' function? I set up a cell off

> the print area to use the goalseek function. Hope that helps.


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