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RE: Fwd: MS Excel - iteration

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		I have not been thinking about the design item as I've read the posts, 
just the design method. I understand that the beams are in place, but as 
fatigue is the primary cause of crane beam deterioration, load reversals 
are avoided. This means simple spans are preferred. Jim Getaz

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Bill et al,
I forgot to mention that the runway beams are continuous over 2 spans with 
equal and unequal spans. If it were a simple beam it would not be easy but 
a heck of a lot easier than continuous beams. In addition there are three 
different combinations of beam spans, combined with the different wheel 
loads and wheel spacings. What you have described may be something I 
programmed in Excel several years ago. For a simple beam, it was a fair bit 
 of work and let's just say that it is an ongoing project. Gary

On 2013/01/03 3:40 PM, T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. wrote:
> I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, if this is the
> same as a beam of span "L" with two point loads, P1 and P2 separated
> by a distance of "a", I would introduce another variable, "b" which
> would represent the distance P1 is from the left support and then
> writethe equation for the bending moment, shear and deflection of the
> beam in terms of L, a, b, P1 and P2. I would then create a column in
> Excel representing x/L in increments of 0.01 (dividing the beam into
> 100points). The next column would be x which would be the previous
> column multiplied by L. I would then insert the expression for bending
> moment as the next column, shears as the next column and deflections

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