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RE: Fwd: Single Plate LST Holes

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The values shown in Table 10-10 include the limit
state of bearing strength using Specification
formula J3-6a only. The limitations on the bolt
hole types for the Conventional Configuration SPSC
are stated to exclude long-slotted holes with slot
parallel to the direction of force, Spec formula

If long slots are used, then the additional limit
state from formula J3-6c must be checked. However,
I have not found the bearing strength limited by
formula J3-6c on SPSC that are thick enough for
erection stability.

>From a fabricator/erector viewpoint, I have argued
against some of these limitations in Manual
committee meetings, but it seems there are too
many engineers on the committee who don't want to
see SPSC used at all.

Replied by:
Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA

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Harold -

   Thanks again.

   This is a situation where the SEOR was
requiring a slip critical type
connection since the Steel Manual's single plate
prescribed "cookbook"
design procedure mentions only standard and short
slot type holes.

   I advised him that the Specifications did allow
loads applied normal to
the long slot but he kept circling back to the
Manual's Connections and
Shear sections.

Charles Canitz

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The snug tight condition would be a bearing bolt,
and you can use them in
the direction perpendicular to the slot within the
limitations in AISC 360,
 Section 10.  If you need to resist load parallel
to the slot, it would
have to be slip critical.  Again it is defined in
Section 10.

Regards, Harold Sprague

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> Subject: Re: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Fwd: Single Plate
LST Holes
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> Harold -
> Thanks.
> ST = Snug Tight. Due to the long slotted holes,
I was wondering if the
> ST type connection was OK or if a slip critical
type connection is
> required for this situation.

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