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Re: Fwd: Single Plate LST Holes

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Dear Charlie:

Here are my 2-cents on your shear tab case:

1. My understanding is that, long-slotted holes are used in connections to accommodate expansion joint movements. If this is the case in your shear tab connection, then, using Slip-Critical (SC) bolts will not be helpful and can in fact prevent the free expansion/contraction movement. I would use Snug-Tight bolts to facilitate the thermal movements.

2. The Shear tab procedures and tables in the AISC Manual are for shear tabs with standard round and short-slotted holes. I don't believe the procedures and tables are applicable to long-slotted holes. Also, it is not clear to me if anything will be gained by using SC bolts in a shear tab connection, regardless of the type of bolt holes. The fundamental issue in shear tab connections is that the connection should have sufficient rotation capacity to accommodate beam end rotation. Using SC bolts will prevent the beam end rotation , an undesirable outcome. Please also note that using SC bolts will cost more than using Bearing bolts or Snug-tight bolts but will not bring in any advantage.

3. A few years back I had a Steel TIPS report (downloadable from on design of shear tabs for gravity and seismic loads. There is a section on behavior and design of shear tabs with long-slotted holes. Please note that when you use long slotted holes in shear tabs, the bolts are subjected to pure shear and no moment but the plate and welds are subjected to shear plus a moment larger than the moment when the holes are standard or short slotted.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Hassan Astaneh (

On 1/11/2013 7:38 AM, Charles Canitz wrote:
Harold -

Thanks again.

This is a situation where the SEOR was requiring a slip critical type
connection since the Steel Manual's single plate prescribed "cookbook"
design procedure mentions only standard and short slot type holes.

I advised him that the Specifications did allow loads applied normal to
the long slot but he kept circling back to the Manual's Connections and
Shear sections.

Charles Canitz

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