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Fomatting photos into documents

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I have been frustrated with Word 2010 which I have occasionally used for
presentation of photo.jpgs. Although, it has some nice features for 
wrapping text around an image, there are times when Word simply doesn't 
want to place the photo and text where I like it. Especially frustrating if 
 you want to use the cropping or rescaling capability.

I would like to be able to place a photo(s), either in a column or grid, 
and add descriptive paragraph and title text either beside (column) or 
below (grid). It would also be nice to be able to add comments with arrows 
such as Acrobat Reader permits. The photo pages can be on separate 
formatted sheets assembled between report pages in a pdf. They do not have 
to be embedded in a Word report document.

What options are others using for inserting photos into formatted report
text or photo appendices? Or is it just easier to learn workarounds in 


Paul Ransom, P.Eng.


Paul Ransom Engineering

ph 905 639-9628


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