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RE: Nails etc. in Wet Wood

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A really good resource for all aspects of designing in wood is the Wood 
Handbook published by the Forest Products Laboratory: 
The good thing about the link is that you can go to the particular chapter 
of interest or you can download the whole book.  If you go to Chapter 8 
Fastenings you can just download the chapter.  You can also contact the 
author of that chapter and ask him any specific questions.

The values depend on the direction of the load on the fastener, but the 
distinction is between wood that is seasoned and unseasoned.  As previously 
 pointed out, it would take a long period of time for moisture to penetrate 
 significantly to change the designation to unseasoned, but it could 

If it is of significant concern, contact the author at the Forest Products 
Lab.  Those guys have helped me out on more than a few occassions.

Regards, Harold Sprague

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> As Scott indicated an approximate reduction of 30% may be correct, but I
> have a hard time believing it is true. If you install lumber at 20%
> moisture content at time of installation by the time the structure is 
> ready for drywall; you will probably be around 10-12% moisture content. 
> This process may take 1-3 months. If is not raining every day or below 
> freezing the wood will dry out. Especially in the southern half of our 
> country. 
> Joe Venuti
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