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Re: Stack Strakes

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Review Steel Stacks per ASME STS-1-2011 for vortex shedding criteria. The MECA stack program will help you avoid vortex shedding. We're presently involved in a number of signature poles in the 400 foot plus freestanding heights. We've haven't had a problem with our poles in over 10 years of doing them. AASHTO LTS-4-13 also has criteria. (Standard Specs for Luminaries and Traffic Signals). We know of one high pole that has run into trouble and had to be retrofitted. but it is in the 500 foot plus range. MECA Enterprises in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has good programs and can also assist you.

We're presently leasing their MEACStack program for our current work load. There are some other pole programs that may be helpful. There is some ASCE proceedings literature from the 1950's concerning some stacks that were exhibiting some behavior problems in a power plant near Watsonville. What you don't want is the Acuity flagpole response. That pole was not up very long.


On 2/1/2013 2:21 PM, Drew Morris wrote:

I don't do stacks or chimneys, but I have seen this term strates used before in SEAINT. What so these things look like? I didn't find much useful information on Google other than they breakup the airflow.

On 2/1/2013 10:01 AM, h.d.richardson(--nospam--at) wrote:
Fellow engineers,

I have a client who manufactures flare systems for the oil and gas
industry.  A major component of these systems is the flare stack itself.
These stacks vary from 40' to 80' tall with the top 6' to 10' varying from 4" to 8" stainless steel pipe with a burner tip at the top.

Occasionally, vortex shedding may be a concern; my client is
willing to go to almost any length to avoid the use of traditional strakes. My question "What do you think of the idea of creating strakes by wrapping the top third of the stack with wire rope and securing the rope to the stack with clips that are tack welded to the stack?" The cost of wire rope strakes would seem to be only a small fraction of the cost of


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