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Re: U-Bolts

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I can't help you finding the part, but you being an engineer and in the
eyes of OSHA "qualified person", you are allowed to actually design the
anchorage for the anticipated load.  The maximum load that the harness can
transmit to the worker is 1,800 lbs.  Throw in a factor of safety of 2 and
you design the anchorage for actual loads.

Below is excerpts from OSHA to allow you to research yourself.  Also, check
that OSHA hasn't changed these sections as it's been awhile since I
researched fall arrest systems.  (Bolding added by me.)

 OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR)

1926.502.d.15 -- Anchorages used for attachment of personal fall arrest
equipment shall be independent of any anchorage being used to support or
suspend platforms and capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN)
per employee attached, *or shall be designed, installed, and used as

(i) as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a 
*safety factor of at least two*; and

(ii) under the supervision of a *qualified person*.

1926.502.d.16 -- Personal fall arrest systems, when stopping a fall, shall:

(i) limit maximum arresting force on an employee to 900 pounds (4 kN) when
used with a body belt;  *[body belts no longer allowed for fall arrest]*

*(ii) limit maximum arresting force on an employee to 1,800 pounds (8 kN)
when used with a body harness;*

I hope this information helps.  Also consider how many workers will use the
anchor.  Typically, there are at least two workers performing a task which
doubles the load (as one worker starts to fall, they grab the other and
they both go over).  If you need to reduce the fall arrest load further,
you can specify a self retracting lanyard which arrests the fall faster
than a shock absorbing lanyard and reduces the impact on the worker's body.

Paul Blomberg
Phoenix, AZ

On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 6:23 PM, Drew Morris <dmorris(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> I need to attach a 6" XXS pipe to the bottom of existing open web steel
> joists.  The pipe is used to distribute load for a fall protection device
> (5000# static per OSHA) over 5 joists.  I need a lead on U-bolts that 
> will pinch the pipe against the bottom of the joists, pass through the 
> space between the bottom chord angles and have a thick washer and nut on 
> the top of the bottom chord angles. I will need the legs to be 1/2" 
> diameter and about 10" long. Looking online, I can find U-bolts to fit 
> the pipe but the legs may not be long enough to stick up to attached the 
> washer and nut. Can anyone refer me to a website that has U-bolts with 
> longer legs or are U-bolts like this a specialty item that need to be 
> fabricated? --
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