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Re: ASME documents

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You've highlighted something that has bothered me about the
electronic codes and standards that we can purchase.  The
producers encrypt their product to try and protect themselves
against copyright enfringement.  And those efforts seem to make
the document very unfriendly to those who've actually purchased
their product.

Cheesed isn't quite strong enough for me, but it's in the right

To avoid the frustration that I often feel and the wasted time that
I might spend thinking of ways to correct this injustice in the world,
I print the documents out and put them in a binder, so that I've got
the item in hardcopy and don't have to care about how the are
cheating us, who've purchased their product, by not being able to
use the product.

I know that this doesn't help you with your current problem, and
I know that it is frustrating when it shouldn't have to work that way.
Part of the reason for buying it electronically is to save money,
have a more searchable document, and take up less shelf space.

Good luck with them.

Take care,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.
Advantage Consulting Engineers

On 14 Mar 2013 at 8:00, Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc. wrote:

> I purchased (in 2009 I think) a specification from ASME "BTH-1 2008"
> which is a document on lifting devices hence the name Below The Hook.
> It was encrypted and I had to go through a rigamarole to open the
> spec. Used it once. I tried to open it yesterday and couldn't as it
> said it was an encrypted document. No luck whatsoever. Has anybody out
> there had this experience?  It really cheesed me off the first time
> and now here we go again.  That and ASME's continuous pleading to join
> them has really turned me off. Like to hear from you. As soon as the
> sun is high enough I will call them. Gary

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