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Re: ASME documents

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I've had your problem in the past also. In some cases you can call the provider and they will allow you to down load another copy in a certain time frame.

In some cases I've printed the document and then rescanned it in with Acrobat and thrown away the hard copy. Over the last few years I've been archieving all of my codes and documents. (An Epson GT-S50 works for me - both sides and scans color). It's tedious but for a while there was about a barrel of paper going out of the office and the storage sheds a week. We also have a large format Kip scanner. Almost all of my drawings have been scanned.

I know this is a little off the subject - but the frustration of obtaining codes, storing and then eventually trying to recover them is crappy. Lloyd's putting them in binders was my method also - but we use a LOT of different codes and we have various versions. You can imagine just the shelf space for the UBC and the various IBC's and the companion ASCE 7's (which are pretty thin with small type). Then there's all of the NSD codes. If you working with the Canadian codes - there's more; we can go on an on.

On the other hand, I obtain little used codes that are suddenly important to the task at hand on a Sunday afternoon (due Monday am) and am able to download the code for about say $60 per document (sometimes only 4 or 5 pages). Waiting a week for it was out of the question.


On 3/14/2013 8:20 AM, Lloyd Pack wrote:

You've highlighted something that has bothered me about the
electronic codes and standards that we can purchase.  The
producers encrypt their product to try and protect themselves
against copyright enfringement.  And those efforts seem to make
the document very unfriendly to those who've actually purchased
their product.

Cheesed isn't quite strong enough for me, but it's in the right

To avoid the frustration that I often feel and the wasted time that
I might spend thinking of ways to correct this injustice in the world,
I print the documents out and put them in a binder, so that I've got
the item in hardcopy and don't have to care about how the are
cheating us, who've purchased their product, by not being able to
use the product.

I know that this doesn't help you with your current problem, and

Truncated 1018 characters in the previous message to save energy.


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