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RE: How Does One Subscribe?

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] How Does One Subscribe?

Somehow I got on this list...perhaps pro-forma? If so, thanks to whomever
took the trouble to subscribe me.


I'd like to subscribe from my work email but have no idea how to do so. The
website for only gives information pertinent to setting up an
email list-serv (wow, is that an old-timey term that has already gone by
the boards...) but has nothing about subscribing to any individual list.

The information at the standard footer tells only how to get OFF the list.

How do you actually get ON?

Seems like a problem if you actually want to grow this thing any. I still
prefer this to web-based forums - the "push" feature is better, and you
don't have to wade through all the other "stuff" on say Twitter or Google
Groups to get here - and I want to be able to monitor things from my work

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