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RE: Bent Plate Versus Rolled Angle

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Stress are determined by Area, Moment of Inertia, material properties, and 
Section Modulus.

If all things are the same then the methods we use will determine that the 
stresses are the same.  The small radius that an angle has will have 
minimal effect.

I agree in principal that the rolled shape will be stronger than the bent 
shape, but our methods do not provide a method to capture that benefit.

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As a general question, I'd answer "no," because "cold work" vs. "hot 
rolled" in addition to the other factors.

However, for the purpose for which you are specifically proposing it be put 
 to use, I'd say there's virtually no difference. Doubt the "k" area will 
have any role to play in that case.

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Rolled Angle

If a bent plate has the same dimensional sizes (i.e., leg lengths and
thickess) as a rolled angle, do both shapes have the same structural 

I'd assume that the bent plate has slightly less strength than the angle 
based upon the "k" area not the same but not substationally less.

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