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RE: iPhone Engineering App

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I like it. But I am going to purchase it because I want to support the 
development of these kinds of apps.

I can recall when it was "cool" to have programs on one's "fancy" 
programmable calculator (e.g. HP-41C et seq). Spreadsheets etc. sort of 
overtook that, and the portability was restricted to one's laptop.

Now, we are in a time when handheld and tablet devices are outselling even 
the smallest form-factor laptops, and some of us would really like to take 
advantage of these devices in our work.

I'm not sure how far off we are from a "post-desktop" computing world, and 
indeed I'm not sure but what the current wireless and portable devices are 
only a stepping-stone to what's to come soon after (e.g. "wearable" 
computing - y'all should take a look at what's being said in the TECH media 
 about "Google Glass" - they seem to be focusing on the wrong implications 
in the popular media). Make sure your Obj-C programming skills are easily 
transferable to HUD displays!

Anyway, I really appreciate this effort and will purchase your app.

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When I first got an iPhone a couple of years ago I was a little surprised 
at the lack of quality engineering apps.  So I taught myself objective-C 
and wrote one during my free time. It just got posted in the app store 
yesterday.   It's called Section and it's a simple section property 
calculator.  You can find it on the app store here:


I've gotten a lot of value from this mailing list over the years and have 
come to respect many of your opinions, so if you have an iOS device and are 
 interested I can send you a promo code so you can download the app for 
free.  I'd love to hear some of your opinions.  I only have 40 promo codes 
I can give out so send me a message if you want one.


Nick Fanger, SE

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