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Twisted column

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I was called to a repair shop where a steel column had been hit. It is an interior built-up column for a pre-manufactured building, about 9" depth and 9" wide flanges made from 3/8 plate. Looking at the field measurements, I don't think the flanges arrived at the job site parallel.

The column has apparently been hit a few times. The column is about 18 feet high and at mid-height there is a frame welded to one flange that supports a lubricating hose reel and at about 3 feet above the floor, there is a steel table of 1 inch plate steel that has been fitted around the column on all sides and welded to the flanges. It hangs out about 2 feet from the flange. At the hose reel level, one can see the distance between the flanges increase from 9" to 9 5/8" and corresponding decrease on the other side. The variation exceeds the tolerances in AISC Table 1-22. There are no sharp kinks in the flanges, just a slow change in depth. Looking at the base, the column has been rotated a few degrees.

It appears that I have a column that has been slightly twisted and has suffered local bending around the web to make the flanges non-parallel. Any suggestions or ideas on what if anything should be done and how to calculate the column capacity in its current state?

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