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Re: bullet-proof glass anchorage

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Thanks, Lloyd.  I'm chasing for a performance spec from the user/client.
 The glass itself is level 4.  I would venture to guess it'd be similar to
a bank teller window.  (Not uncommon in some urban areas...)  The bp glass
frame would attach to the metal stud framing.  But, I doubt they want it
detailed and framed as your standard non-bearing interior partition.

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Lloyd Pack

> I would think that it has a lot to do with what your client wants
> and what the application of the bulletproof glass is doing.
> Is this for a building's exterior window?  Is this for a bank
> teller window? Do they want this to stop all bullets, or just
> handgun bullets?  Should the frame be the weak point? If the
> frame is shot will it give out before the glass?
> If this has to stop a .50 BMG round then you are dealing
> with something much different than if it only has to stop a 9mm +P
> pistol round.  And a .44 magnum has a lot more energy than
> a .22 LR round.
> Are you looking for a code requirement or a military document
> recommending a specific method for design?  With these questions
> answered, I would think that you'd be better able to develop the
> solution for the specific problem that you're designing for.
> Take care,
> Lloyd

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David Topete, SE

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