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RE: Oklahoma Schools unpreparedness?

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I agree that a public building like a school that is packed with potential 
victims during large portions of the year ought to have a tornado shelter 
-that's what we call them.

But even then, there's a lot of discussion as to what such a thing ought to 
 encompass. Typical school has, what, 600-1000 kids in it?

Sending the kids into the hall SHOULD have been sufficient - had it not 
suffered a direct-strike by a monster storm with ~200 mph winds.

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I don't have to handle tornadoes hereabouts (leaving my son out of the 
discussion), however, my $0.02 worth.

Designing just for "probability" of strike may be inadequate.  Recent
(significant) structures should be having risk assessments done.  E.g.
(vanishingly) small probability but huge impact suggests the structure 
should be designed accordingly anyway ...?  That implies that "safe rooms", 
 as suggested, would definitely be a design conclusion.

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