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RE: Precast Concrete Panels for Below-Ground Construction

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		I've never done anything like this, my company does not even do precast 
concrete piles, but this certainly could be done. Try calling the 
precasters near the project site to see what they can do for you. Sorry I 
can't help more. Jim Getaz Precast Concrete Engineer

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Precast Concrete Panels for Below-Ground 

I'm trolling for information here.

I've worked on several below-ground vaults for pump equipment, constructed 
using steel sheet piles to form the vault, perimeter, excavation, and then 
finishing with cast in place concrete.

I'm thinking that it might be worthwhile exploring the possiblity of using 
precast panels rather than cast-in-place to form the walls. This might be 
either panels that are put in place and snugged to the sheet-pile walls, or 
 even precast concrete sheet piles by themselves.

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of construction? Any advice, 
or caveats? Any recommendations as to where one might find additional 
information? The PCI handbook has very little to offer.

William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.
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