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Hi Bill Allen

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It is not a bad idea to have a lot of brilliant engineers for my
I joined this list when it was beggining. I remember you Bill, Polhemus,
Utzman, Scott, Tandy, Sprague, Dennis Wish who always wrote very detailed
messages and sometimes was a little rude with Pohlemus,...and he created
his own list,...
All those names were familiar to me. so familiar that up to now I think
that they are my friends...but I have never seen the face of any of them.
Structural engineering has been the passion of my life. I am 69 years old
and I have never had one day of my life without studying. I love dynamics
analysis, seismic engineering and design of tall buildings.
I had to move to Venezuela, because in my country, Chile, there was a
marxist socialist goverment. I got the chilean engineering license in 1968
and the same year I was awarded wit a scholarship from MIT to get my PhD
but I couldn't accept it for personal problems. I moved to Venezuela and
got there the Venezuelan engineering license and worked as a structural
engineer for almost 30 years, designing the tallest buildings in Valencia,
silos (concrete and steel) and important industrial buildings. And then the
same political problem moved my family (four children) and me to the USA. I
came here in 2007 and got the american license (EF and PE ) in one year.
With so many problems in my country ( as an example: six cars were stolen
to me in eight years and thieves broke twice into my house in one year) I
only had time to work to move from Venezuela as soon as possible. I left
the list and now I am returning to it.
You are here, the most without any big problem. But you can not understand
that you have been for many years my friends, and that I ran twice ot three
times each day to my computer, only to find in it the names of my friends:
Pohlemus, Allen, Tandy, and so many others.
I am here now...studying each day as ever.
Thank you friends

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