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RE: Damaged Engineered Wood Product

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Domestic sewage? Industrial? Septic tank?


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Hi Everyone

I am assessing the damage to existing installed I-joists and LVL's. The 
floor assembly has been exposed to sewage backup and overflow for duration 
of several weeks. Oh joy!  We get all dressed up in hazmat suits just for 
the fun of it.  Some of the damage is obvious but I'm trying to find 
information and advice on the impact of this (corrosive?) type of exposure 
on the material and the glues etc.

I've tried to email and talk to Weyerhaeuser/Trus-joist but I guess since 
I'm not buying they aren't interested since I've had zero response to my 
plea .

Does anyone on the list have some ideas?

I am planning to do a joist-by-joist etc inspection and try to find the 
squishy spots but I don't have any information about the (structural) 
impact on both the glues and the base materials.  The aim is to minimize 
the replacement or sistering of new joist etc. so I'd like to be able to 
check off adequate elements and fail the others . I guess my concern is

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