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Re: Hi Bill Allen

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Fellow engineers,

There are two subjects I avoid discussing, like the plague, on this list: detailed discussions regarding your codes and politics. But this time I can not resist.

I will be 77 this fall and I come from a large extended family. Anyone in those circumstances gets to go to a lot of weddings. Only once have I ever heard citizenship formally mentioned at a wedding banquette. The groom was a Hungarian immigrant who came to Canada at about age 6; the bride was also Hungarian but having come to Canada more recently. The Father of the Groom was acting as Master of Ceremonies. His first toast was not to the bride as is customary BUT TO CANADA!! I was speechless as were a number of other people.

The point of this anecdote is to back up Bill's statement that often these immigrants actually do make extremely dedicated citizens, possibly because they have lived with alternative citizenship.



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Naturalized citizens have historically been the best Americans (or USA- ians
if you please).

For one thing, they obey the law in order to come here.

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Welcome to the U.S., Alberto!

Now, go tell your story to every U.S. citizen (I know how you South
Americans HATE it when we call ourselves Americans LOL) who has not
traveled abroad. Maybe then they will realize how lucky they have it.

That would be the most important contribution you can make as a new

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