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RE: Town Home Lateral Loads

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Talking through, "hat", but...

Aren't there UL-rated firewall details that could be used to satisfy the 
fire separation requirement but still allow you to tie the units together 

IOW, why is ONLY a physical separation satisfactory? I daresay the cost 
differential between a hefty UL-rated firewall detail, and the structural 
acrobatics you have to go through here, would favor the rated firewall.

Again, just brainstorming as I haven't actually DONE THIS in real life...

Though I have played a structural engineer on TV.

Okay, YouTube. Whatever.

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That is how we have done it in the past. Then there are no drag forces.
However, if I do that, I don't have enough seismic separation between 
units. I think the gap is 2" between framing. So it will be less after 
sheet rockis applied.

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