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RE: Cb for Channels Bent About Major Axis (AISC 360-10 Section F2)

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Perhaps it does.


The 9th Ed. Was published in 1989. That's 24 years ago.

I don't even know where my copy of that is - in some box somewhere in my 
garage, I guess.

There has been a large body of research since then, filling in blanks and 
helping us to design steel more efficiently and effectively.

While the equation you reference may still be valid, I suspect it has been 
superseded by newer research that has since been incorporated in the AISC 

That's what I was looking for.

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Hello Bill,

I will attempt to help.

In the AISC 9th Ed of the Manual of Steel Construction (ASD) There is a 
line that specifically addresses channels bent about their major axis.  It 
says to use the following eq. for allowable stress:

Fb = (12 x 10^3 x Cb)/(Ld/Af)  <= 0.6Fy

Where Cb is equal to 1.75 + 1.05(M1/M2) +0.3(M1/M2)^2 below this equation 
is a paragraph that mentions reverse curvature bending and what affect that 
 will have on the sign of the M1/M2 ratio.

In Design of Steel Structures by Gaylord, Gaylord and Stallmeyer they've 
got a more developed equation for when the moment diagram within the 
unbraced length isn't a straight line.  It looks like this:

Cb = (12.5Mmax) / (2.5Mmax + 3Ma + 4Mb + 3Mc)

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