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RE: Excel Subscripts

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If you're fairly comfortable with VBA, you could create a routine that 
takes the input from the cells you want, concatenates it into a complete 
string, puts it into your output cell, and formats the subscript as Bill 
describes.  You'd then have to make the function "volatile", and give it 
some trigger to run, like when you change one of the input cells.  It's 
doable, but quite a bit of work, just to get a subscript.  If you can live 
the appearance of a simple concatenation formula in the cell, that would be 
 a whole lot easier.

-- Joel

the structural alliance
Joel Adair, PE, LEED AP

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Drew's got the right point about concatenation, but the subscript part is a 
 bit more difficult. You would probably have to run a macro something like:

With ActiveCell.Characters(Start:=x, Length:=y).Font
        .Subscript = True
End With

Where "x" is the starting position of the character you want to make 
subscript and "y" is the number of characters you want to subscript.

Have fun with that!

To me, it would be easier just to highlight the characters you wanted to 
subscript and hit the subscript function. I only use subscripts for names, 
not results.

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607) University of Southern California, 
 M.S.C.E., 1983 University of Texas at El Paso, B.S.C.E., 1977


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