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RE: Pinned Base Plate or Fixed

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Thanks for your help,

As far as AISC implies "A ductile moment frame is usually expected
to develop a hinge at the base of the column", we need to accommodate 
details in which plastic hinge will be formed whether at column (Fixed 
Base) or base plate (Pinned Base).

So as you mentioned a sophisticated FE model of connection should be
developed to ensure that all connection components have enough strength to
restrain the connection (Fixed Base) or base plate and anchor rods can be
maintained up to the maximum rotation that may occur in Pinned Base (in 
this case we have partial fixity not zero moment).

Also the foundation rocking should be considered due to these moments at
both conditions. At Fixed Base, moments which are derived from general
structural model can be used, but at Pinned Base designer should apply some
modeling techniques to calculate moments at base. I found one of them here: 
 (Please search "Dummy Member" in context)




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